House™ by Urban Splash

Our Identity

Meet the family

Our identity is the visual embodiment of our design led personality. Our key characteristics are:


Relatable experiences for people.


A thoughtful and ‘smart’ response to the world around us.


A ‘lean’ approach – we keep aesthetics concise and precise.

Our House brand book

You can find out more about our House identity in our House brand book. Download a copy here.

Download our brand book

Our logo

Our logo is one of the most important parts of our visual identity, it conveys our confident, modern character and lets people know who we are.

Download our logos

Left aligned and centred logo

This signature shows that House is created by Urban Splash, in the Urban Splash way and with Urban Splash values.

Hus marque

The Hus marque is our online avatar used to identify us where space is severely limited.

Partnership lock-up

It’s an endorsement.

The partnership lock-up sends a message of intent – highlighting our commitment and ambition to build great homes and develop great places.

For more information on our partnership, visit the brand story page on this site.

Download our partnership lock-up

Urban Splash Medium

Our primary typeface is Urban Splash Medium, a bespoke font made just for us. It should only be used for extra large headlines and should never be used as small sizes, such as body copy.

Our secondary typeface is Univers. We use this for headers, body copy and longer pieces of text.


Download our typefaces

Colour palette

Our core brand colours are black and white, supported by secondary palettes of natural and technical colours.

Download our colours

Core brand colours


Print: C0 M0 Y0 K100
Digital: R0 G0 B0


Print: C0 M0 Y0 K0
Digital: R255 G255 B255

Cool Grey

Print: C0 M0 Y0 25
Digital: R199 G200 B202


Our secondary colour palette is made up of natural tones that reflect the environments we build and the materials we use. It’s used sparingly.

Product – Earth

Print: C30 M30 Y40 K0
Digital: R183 G169 B151

Living – Pink

Print: C0 M30 Y20 K10
Digital: R226 G174 B168

Neighbourhood – Green

Print: C41 M22 Y49 K5
Digital: R151 G166 B136

Backstory – Blue

Print: C59 M19 Y21 K0
Digital: R106 G170 B188


We only use these colours for technical diagrams, maps, plans and illustrations. Red and yellow are used for highlights.

Town Gold

Row Blue

Mansion Pink

Corner Green

Guest Orange

Kit Purple

Highlight Yellow

Highlight Red

Map - Green Grass

Map - Blue Water

Map - Urban Grey


Seeing is believing which makes photography the most important tool in our brand kit. Through photography we can show neighbourliness and homeliness, precision and quality, space and light, trees, gardens, rivers and canals. To do this well we need different styles of photography to show:



Every House is a design classic in the making, our illustration style is bold and minimal and tells people this is a design led range of homes.

Download our illustrations

Printed formats

We have our own bespoke print size called Square+. It’s our main print format and is used for brochures, plans packs, bid documents and more.

Common sizes

In some cases more commonly used sizes may be more suitable than Square+, such as using the A series paper sizes for our stationary. Always take this into consideration when selecting a print format.

How we talk about House

Download our copy do's and don'ts

We have a great story to tell so we don’t need to dress it up. No amazing superlatives and no fake familiarity. We should use plain English and be straight talking but we shouldn’t be afraid to let our enthusiasm and passion shine through.